Weidenbenner | Projects

# Hijacker
Hijacker is an extensible tool meant to proxy to an exisisting API while being able to mock and modify specific and requests via a config file. It is designed to make ddeveoping with APIs more seamless. Choose between mocking routes and hitting the live API with a single server.
# Astral Flows
Flows is an API documentation site to improve the way developers learn how to use APIs. It combines Markdown with the ability to make and chain live API requests right in the documentation. Flows also offers the tools to return mock data for requests instead of hitting the live APIs.
# Astral Portal
The Astral Portal is an open source, extensible API developer portal. Astral was created in order to allow delopers to easily spin up a portal to control access keys for their APIs with little to no code.
# Bug Tracker
An experimental bug tracker that requires a failiing automated test for each bug. Bugs can then be re-tested as needed and marked complete once the tests pass. The automated testing is set up with Cypress
# Portfolio
My personal website that use to display my current projects as well as a testing grounds. Eventually I would like to start blogging and those will be displayed on this site. Currently created with VuePress and a custom theme. I plan to package and distribute the theme on NPM in the future.
# Blok Party
Blok Party was built in 48 hours by Josh Taylor, Coy Kwan, Dylan Stanfield, and myself for Node Knockout 2019. In Blok Party, users can log in with their GitHub and claim a square in the tower to customize, the way they see fit. We won the innovation category in the hackathon.
# Search On Twitter
Google Chrome extension that adds the ability to search hilighted text on Twitter to the context menu. The extension also has the ability to open up a user's Twitter profile if the highlighted text starts with @