Weidenbenner | Projects

# Hijacker
Hijacker is a development tool I created to help mock API responses. It can be set up as a passthrough to a normal API endpoint, as well as mock new endpoints. Hijacker also has the ability to set up API "breakpoints" that allow you to edit requests from the client before they hit the API server and/or the responses from the API server before they are returned to the client. For latest development, check out the beta branch.
# Bug Tracker
An experimental bug tracker that requires a failiing automated test for each bug. Bugs can then be re-tested as needed and marked complete once the tests pass. The automated testing is set up with Cypress
# Portfolio
My personal website that use to display my current projects as well as a testing grounds. Eventually I would like to start blogging and those will be displayed on this site. Currently created with VuePress and a custom theme. I plan to package and distribute the theme on NPM in the future.
# Search On Twitter
Google Chrome extension that adds the ability to search hilighted text on Twitter to the context menu. The extension also has the ability to open up a user's Twitter profile if the highlighted text starts with @